Westboro Baptist Church gets trolled by Foo Fighters again

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Image Credit: J.C. Wilmore via WIKI Commons

Image Credit: J.C. Wilmore via WIKI Commons

The Westboro Baptist Church, known for their hate speech and strong anti-LGBT views, decided it would be a good idea to picket the Friday night’s Foo Fighters concert at the Kansas City’s Sprint Center. Well, like in their previous attempt with the band, the picketing quickly turned into a trolling from the other side.

As seen in the below video, the Westboro Baptist Church setup their protestors across the street from the Kansas City’s Sprint Center. You can then see a pickup truck, with the Foo Fighters on board, driving down the street and trolling the haters at first by playing Green Day’s American Idiot and then switching the song to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.

Taylor Hawkins, the drummer for the Foo Fighters, held up a sign in the back of the pickup truck that read “YOU GOT RICK ROLLED (again)”, a reference to the popular online trolling method with the same name.

This was not the first time that the Foo Fighters have Rick Roll’d the hate group. Back in 2011, also in Kansas City, the Foo Fighters trolled the Westboro Baptist Church, again, when they were picketing the band’s concert. You can view that video below.