Touching pictures show Ocala Police Officer in the act of kindness

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words but in this case it has left us speechless.

Last week TiAnna Green took a couple photos of what she called an “absolutely wonderful act of kindness” and shared them on Facebook.

The photos, which were put together in a collage, showed a police officer eating breakfast with what appeared to be a homeless man outside of a Dunkin’ Donuts located in Ocala, FL.

TiAnna, who witnessed the moment, shared that although she didn’t know for sure, she assumed the female officer had purchased breakfast for both herself and the gentleman and then sat with him, possibly sharing small talk, while eating alongside him. TiAnna then went on to say that besides the officer’s act of kindness touching the gentleman, it had also touched her.

Well TiAnna, thanks to you sharing this, it has touched many more people including us!

Image Credit: TiAnna S. Greene via Facebook

Image Credit: TiAnna S. Greene via Facebook

The Ocala Post, a local media outlet, followed up on the story after the photo went viral. They were able to identify the officer as Ocala Police Department’s Sergeant Erica Hay. In an article, the Ocala Post was able to speak with Sergeant Hay on what she was doing in the picture.

“I was heading to Dunkin’ Donuts to get breakfast when I saw this man sitting by himself, so, I decided to buy him breakfast,” Sergeant Hay told the Ocala Post. “I then went over, sat down, and ate breakfast with him. He turned out to be a very nice man who just has a sad story. He is a person.”

Sometimes in our busy lives we fail to realize that every single person we see, meet or walk by at a local gas station all are people just like us, with very detailed lives, complicated stories and feelings. In this case, Sergeant Hay was able to make a difference in this man’s life. Besides just being a feel good story, maybe this act could enlighten us to be more human with those around us.