To Boldly Cruise Where No Trekkie Has Cruised Before

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Pretty much the greatest thing to happen, ever, is happening.

At the beginning of 2017 Norwegian cruise line will be leaving from the Port of Miami and sailing to Cozumel Mexico, Nassau Bahamas, and Norwegian Cruise privately owned island, Great Stirrup Cay. The theme? Star Trek! This cruise will be taking place during the celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

image credit: Tom Mascardo via Flickr

image credit: Tom Mascardo via Flickr


To make this even more amazing, William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, will be hosting the cruise. Accompanying him will be “Star Trek: Next Generation” Commander Riker, Jonathan Frakes, as well as other co-stars from “Voyager” and “Deep Space Nine”.

image credit: Star Trek via Facebook

image credit: Star Trek via Facebook


The six-night cruise, which will be setting sail on January 9 2017, will cost $975 per person, which is a steal because you get to be stuck on a ship with Commander Riker (what a hunk) for an entire week! I sense a restraining order (kidding).  The Norwegian Pearl will have Star Trek themed bars (Ten Forward?!) life-sized board games (time for me to learn three-dimensional chess), and there will also be a performance by the Enterprise Blues Band which is made up of Star Trek actors.

I just wish that Leonard Nimoy lived long enough to have participated, but the Star Trek actors are always so wonderful at remembering fellow Trek brothers and sisters, so I have a feeling there will be some sort of tribute on the ship. You hear me Kirk?

Whelp, I know what I’ll be doing for my honeymoon!