Taylor Swift turns down $2 million dollar gig for a priceless reason

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Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

Taylor Swift was offered over $2 million dollars to perform 3 songs at a billionaires wedding but turned it down for a better offer, to perform at the christening party of her friend’s new baby, for FREE!

As reported by the Daily Express, an unnamed billionaire offered Taylor Swift 1 million dollars a song if she would spend 30 minutes with him, his new bride and friends. Swift, who is doing well on her own, turned down the offer so she could perform at a christening party for her friend’s new baby.

The friend was Jaime King, a model and actress, and the baby was her newborn son Leo. Leo was born last month and the christening party was to be one the same day as the billionaires offer.

According to a guest at the christening party, Taylor performed a number of her own songs including Love Story, I Knew You Were Trouble and Red. Taylor also gave newborn Leo his own personal performance, which didn’t go as well.

“She even rocked little Leo in her arms and hummed a lullaby to him,” a guest told the Daily Express. “But he started screaming almost immediately, so she sheepishly handed him back to his mom.”