Taylor Swift keeps cool in very uncomfortable situation while performing

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Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

Taylor Swift showed off her level of professionalism in the way she handled a very scary situation this past Tuesday night at her concert in Edmonton.

Taylor Swift was performing in Edmonton, Alberta on Tuesday night as part of her 1989 Tour when the 25-year old singer had a very uncomfortable/scary situation on stage. During her performance of her latest single, Bad Blood, two random fans in white shirts rushed to her feet in an attempt to grab her legs.

It is unclear what these two fans were trying to do by grabbing onto Taylor, but, thanks to the quick reaction by the security staff, we will not find out. As seen in the videos of the incident, Swift was shaken/startled at first and even gave the two fans a mean glare but quickly got back into character and continued on with her song.


Following the incident Swift showed that she had no “bad blood” for the city of Edmonton and posted to her Instagram, thanking the fans in attendance.


Way to go Taylor!!