Star Wars not happy with Amy Schumer/GQ Magazine photo-shoot

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Image Credit: GQ Magazine

Image Credit: GQ Magazine

Star Wars is not happy with Amy Schumer or GQ Magazine after the magazine released images this past Thursday of an upcoming release that included Amy in provocative situations with Star Wars characters.

On Thursday GQ Magazine released photos from their upcoming issue that included Actor/Comedian Amy Schumer shown situations, some of which were sexual, with iconic Star Wars characters including C-3PO and R2-D2.

Following the release of these images Star Wars shared their displeasure in the photoshoot by way of a statement.

The people at Star Wars were not the only ones who took issue with the photoshoot. A handful of others followed in tweeting their disapproval of the photos.

And then there were a number of people who didn’t quite see it the way Star Wars did…

And then, when talking about Star Wars, there was this.

Point taken.

Image Credit: FKF Wiki

Image Credit: FKF Wiki