Season 8 of ‘Game of Thrones’ May Be the Last

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Just like all of the lives of George R.R. Martin’s most beloved characters of Westeros, Game of Thrones may be ending too soon. The president of HBO, Michael Lombardo, said Thursday at the Television Critics Association summer press event that for now the plan is to end Game of Thrones after season 8.

Currently, the power hungry residents of Westeros are filming for season 6. And taking their sweet time may I add. On June 14th, for its season 5 finale show, ‘Mother‘s Mercy’HBO broke its own record with 8.1 million viewers. There was even an important basketball game playing that night and GoT still managed such a whopping turn out. Although, I suppose that the type of people that watch GoT, like me, aren’t the type of people to care about a basketball game.

The idea to end the show after season 8 doesn’t seem to be set in stone though. So, if it ends after season 7, don’t come hunting me down, fair warning. Likewise, the idea for a prequel isn’t off the table, but ultimately it is up to the show creators, David Benioff and Dan Weiss and author, George R.R. Martin.

I’m actually a little surprised that they plan on going that long.  I’ve gotten used to being so disappointed by that show, watching every character I love die one by one in extremely methodical ways (Damn you George! Bring back Jon Snow!), I half expected it to end after season 6 or 7. For now though, we can all sleep soundly knowing that we will be getting at least 2 more seasons.

Image Credit: Game of Thrones via Facebook

Image Credit: Game of Thrones via Facebook