Scary road rage encounter captured by victim’s GoPro

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Image Credit: Stealthy Aban via YouTube

Image Credit: Stealthy Aban via YouTube

A scary road rage encounter in Arizona was captured on a motorcyclist’s GoPro and the video is now across the country.

A road rage incident that, according to Yahoo NEWS, occurred on July 11th is now going viral thanks to the video recorded on the victims GoPro.

In the video you can see 51-year old Lee Schismenos climb out of his car and approach Cody Munoz, a 24-year old motorcyclist, and his 21-year old girlfriend, Luisa Loy. Schismenos is then seen hitting Munoz and then pushing Loy. Eventually, Cody was able to get on top of the road rager and keep him still until help and eventually police arrived.

The video of the incident, which can be viewed below, hit the web and has virally spread throughout the country.

According to the police, Lee Schismenos could face possible charges that include “assault, disorderly conduct, threats, endangerment and impaired driving.”