Obama’s Plan to Combat Global Warming

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Global warming has been a hot (excuse the pun) topic for well over a decade now. Whether you believe it is a real thing or not, many countries are taking measures to combat it, and now the US may start pulling its own weight.

Later today President Obama will unveil a major environmental plan that his administration has been working on for a year now. The first draft of this plan was presented last year, but received a lot of criticism. The one being presented today is an edited one, answering some of the concerns that states, and environmentalists, had with the original.

Obama’s plan will curb greenhouse gas by imposing strict carbon dioxide limits on power plants. His goal is to have a 32% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. While many think that this criteria would be impossible to meet, other big names like Hillary Clinton are backing up the President and saying “It’s a good plan…” and that she would “…defend it”. Under this new rule, states are encouraged to boost renewable energy before the deadline of 2020. If states comply before then, they will receive credits from the federal government.

This rule was previously estimated to cost around $8.8 billion a year, but the actual cost could fluctuate because it is up to each state to determine how to reach their target goals.

This plan is not being accepted nationally though. According to Scott Segal, a lobbyist that represents major utility companies, there are 20 to 30 states that will challenge the plan as soon as it is finalized.

When we think of global warming, most of us just understand the basics of it; a warming of the Earth’s atmosphere. If you want a simple explanation on how this is happening, I’ve provided a quick 3 minute clip.

Although many Americans are skeptical, those over in Europe believe wholeheartedly that this is a real thing. In fact, according to the 2014 Climate Change Performance Index, the top 10 countries with the lowest greenhouse emissions and producing the most natural energy are all in Europe. Denmark ranks the highest with the US way behind at 43. However, according to the CCDI, there is yet to be even a single country that is on track to prevent dangerous climate change.

We still have a ways to go to move up the ranks on the CCPI, and many believe that it is too late, but hopefully it isn’t and hopefully people start realizing how important this matter is before we destroy the only home we have.