News anchor loses it over Kardashians story

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Image Credit: John Brown at Fox 35 via Facebook

Image Credit: John Brown at Fox 35 via Facebook

The Kardashians are constantly in the news and it’s not uncommon for people to get tired of hearing about them but, for one Orlando news anchor, he took this “annoyance” to a whole new level.

Last week, while running a story about Kylie Jenner’s new pet rabbit, news anchor John Brown of Orlando’s FOX 35 had enough. While discussing the story, in which Kylie Jenner named her new pet rabbit after her dad’s previous name, Bruce, the news anchor blew up on-air.

“Ok, I’m having a good Friday so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today” Brown said, while standing up and walking away from the camera. “You are on your own Amy, I can’t do it, I had enough Kardashians, I can’t take anymore Kardashians stories on this show.”

John, being a good sport, came back to his seat to help his co-anchor Amy out on the story. When asked about how he felt, specifically about Kylie Jenner naming the pet rabbit “Bruce”, Brown went into a rant again.

“I don’t care, I’m sick of this family, I can’t take it anymore! It’s a non-story, it’s a non-story, we’re talking about this family like every freaking day on this show. Nobody cares about this family anymore. I’ve had enough, it’s Friday, I want to have a good Friday, I don’t want to talk about the Kardashians, that’s enough of these guys.”

While ranting, the others on the show couldn’t help but burst into laughing and honestly, we can’t either. The video is below for your enjoyment.

We understand, John, hope you had a good Friday anyway.