Mark Zuckerberg takes his online privacy seriously, should we?

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Are you concerned about your privacy online? Do you take precautions with your personal laptop like taping over the camera or covering up the microphone jack?

To many of us, this sounds like something that our weird neighbor, the one with the tinfoil hat, would do to “protect” them from the peeping eyes of the NSA or some other group hacking into their computer. This doesn’t sound like something any normal, sensible or educated individual would do, does it?

Well for one of the smartest entrepreneurs, and online privacy experts, this seems to come second nature.

For Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, taping his laptop’s camera and microphone jack is something to do, even though he didn’t plan on letting us know.

On Tuesday, in a post celebrating the 500 million people using Instagram, Zuckerberg accidentally let his privacy precautions slip.

The above picture was shared hundreds of thousands of times before Chris Olsen, a USC Alumni, spotted something strange.

Mark Zuckerberg's taped up MacBook

As seen by Olson’s keen eyes, Mark Zuckerberg’s MacBook appears to have the camera and mic jack covered by tape. It also appears that Zuckerberg is using the Thunderbird mail client, an extremely secure email client.

If privacy seems to be this big of a concern to Zuckerberg, someone who you would think would know A LOT about online privacy, should we all be concerned as well?

Who knows? All I know is I will be picking up some electrical tape after posting this and also possibly updated my Facebook privacy settings…