Idris Elba Joining the Cast of Star Trek Beyond

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Imagine Credit: Idris Elba via Facebook

Imagine Credit: Idris Elba via Facebook

Okay, so I don’t know if this is really considered a trending topic or if I just find it so incredibly interesting because I’m obsessed with Star Trek, but here it is.

The ever so gorgeous (…I mean talented) Idris Elba, which you may know from such films as: No Good Deed (2014), Thor (2011), and Thor: TheDark World (2013) which he played Heimdall, has now joined the cast of Star Trek Beyond. This was subtly announced in a promotion video where they were offering a fan and their friend a chance to win a walk on roll for the next film in the Star Trek franchise. (See the AWESOME video below)

I’m so happy about this that if it wasn’t the ungodly hour of 11 o’cock at night I’d be blasting the soundtrack to the previous Star Trek film in celebration. We aren’t sure yet on which character Idris will be playing, but as long as they let him us his natural voice with that sexy London accent, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Aside from being super talented on this big screen, Idris also knows how to keep a club full of people dancing. He has a passion for making music and spins (I’m assuming that’s the correct terminology for what a DJ does?) all around Europe. He also has a place in his heart for the people of Africa as his father is from Sierra Leone and his mother is from Ghana.

So, basically, this guy has a great heart, does it all, and looks good while doing it. May Idris Elba live long and prosper!