How far does $100 go in your state?

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Have you ever felt like the last $100 you spent went away a little too soon? Well, thanks to this map created by the Tax Foundation, the reasoning behind that could have to do with the state in which you live in.

Last week the Tax Foundation released a map that shows the value of $100 in each state. The map is based off of data found in a recent release by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, an agency in the United States Department of Commerce, that compiled data from 2013 to show the “real personal income” for states and metropolitan areas in the United States.

Using this information, the Tax Foundation was able to see how far $100 goes in each state based on numerous factors, including the price of goods, in those states.

So which state does $100 go the furthest?

Image Source: Tax Foundation

Image Source: Tax Foundation


Well, according to the map above, Mississippi, with $100 being worth a cool $115.21.

Closely following Mississippi in the states where $100 is worth the most were Arkansas ($114.29), South Dakota ($114.16) and Alabama ($114.03).

The states/areas with $100 being valued the lowest were the District of Columbia ($84.96), Hawaii ($86.06) and New York ($86.73).

With all that being said, don’t plan on moving just yet.

According to this article on Wikipedia, which shows the States ranked by median household income, the state with the highest value for $100, Mississippi, was also ranked as the state with the lowest median household income, at just $36,919. Additionally, the District of Columbia, which had the lowest value for $100 at just $84.96, was ranked as the 5th highest median household income with $65,124.