Gorilla and Toddler Play Tag

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There is a video going around the internet of a toddler and baby Gorilla playing, what appears to be, tag. Some are calling it hide-and-seek, but neither parties were doing that great of a job at hiding.

This cute encounter happened at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio when this curious toddler walked up to the enclosure’s glass. Clearly in the mood to play, the baby gorilla quickly hobbled to one side as the toddler caught on and chased after it. They went back and forth along the glass for a bit when the gorilla finally tired and threw in the towel.

Many people are calling this little boy the star of the video, but if you ask a person that prefers animals over children (me), then I would say that the gorilla is 100 times cuter. And to be honest, (s)he was the smarter one by initiating the game in the first place. Score one baby gorilla!