Five Things That Only Happen in Kazakhstan

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If someone told me there was a place I could be the King of Space, have an amazing hat & falcon, be too beautiful to play volleyball, feed llamas in my front yard and see some of the most beautiful scenic areas in the world; I’d probably wonder why the hell they were telling me all of this.

However, that person would be talking about the glorious country of Kazakhstan. See these five Kazakstanish (that’s a real word..right?) things you can do in the country:

Typical day in Kazakhstan with a falcon.

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1. Walk along the beautiful Belukha Mountains holding a freaking Falcon. Its wingspan is only as long as a typical adult male. Nothing special.


Forget Presidents and Dictators, in Kazakhstan you can be the king of space.

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2. When you were little, did you want to grow up and be President or Prime Minister of Kazakhstan? Think again. Kazakhstan appointed Chris Hadfield as King of Space. SPACE!  Sorry President Nursultan Nazarbayev, King Hadfield clearly has you beat.


3. Sabina Altynbekova, a teenage volleyball player, played for Kazakhstan’s youth squad. Her beauty attracted a lot of attention from crowds and led her coach and teammates to complain. The internet quickly found out about Sabina being “too beautiful to play” and rallied behind her.


Kazakhstan - Llama

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4. “Honey, who is that at the front gate?” “Oh, just the homeless Llamas begging for food again, I’ll go feed them.”

Yes, that might be typical breakfast chatter in Kazakhstan.

Beautiful Mountains in Kazakhstan

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5. While volleyball players might be too beautiful for others to see, these mountains are a wonderful sight for all.

There are tons of other very niiiiiiice things to do and see in Kazakhstan. If you don’t travel to this country, you will never get this. You’ll also never get through a Kazakhstan article without at least two Borat references.

Borat - you will never get this

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