Camera captures more than just model at modeling shoot on Miami Beach

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Image Credit: Ekaterina Juskowski via YouTube

Image Credit: Ekaterina Juskowski via YouTube

A modelling shoot on Miami Beach took an interesting turn when the camera captured what appears to be a handful of illegal immigrants jumping from a boat and swimming to shore.

While filming her friend during a modelling shoot on Miami Beach, Ekaterina Juskowski noticed a boat approaching the shore. According to a report by the New Times Broward-Palm Beach, Juskowski originally thought the boat was a scuba boat and had turned off her camera since it was disrupting her view. After looking closer, Juskowski noticed that the men on the boat had all jumped off and she quickly started filming again.

In Juskowski’s short video clip you can see all of the men, which appear to be illegal immigrants, rushing to the shore from the choppy South Florida waves. As they hit the beach the men could be seen running toward the city and then the video ended, with no clue as to where the men had gone off to.

Frank Miller, a U.S. Border Patrol spokesperson, commented on the incident.

“That’s a testament to how confident these organizations are, what we call transnational criminal organizations, who smuggle criminals and narcotics right onto the beach.”

Miller went on to say how the incident was being investigated.

Ekaterina Juskowski, who migrated to the United Stated from Russia when she was only 18, has a different opinion on the ordeal that happened in front of her very eyes.

“Witnessing people starting their life anew by jumping off the boat and running into the city made my personal struggle seem rather small.” Juskowski said. “As controversial as the problem of illegal immigration can be for many of us, it is important to remember that people come here in search of the better life, and it comes at a very high price of great courage, hard work, and loneliness. I got to know America as a country with a big heart. While I trust it to the U.S. government to work out the policies on improving the immigration laws, it feels natural to stay compassionate and understanding on a personal level.”