A Lucky Few Get LG G4 for 1 Penny During Prime Day

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Image Credit: LGEPR via Flickr

Image Credit: LGEPR via Flickr

We all agree that Amazon Prime Day was a total bust. The advertisers promised deals better than those that you would find during Black Friday, but unless you were looking to save 20% on dish detergent, there wasn’t anything appealing for sale. One of the writers here at Daily Mend even wrote a comical article on it highlighting some of the best Tweets found on the internet pertaining to this horrible failure (click here for that article). Or was it a failure?

If you were like me, you put at least two hours of your time yesterday into scrolling through the never ending carousel of items on sale. I saw everything from panties (not the sexy kind) to toilet paper (not the good kind) and there was even a 55 gallon container of lubricant being sold (not the kind you’d use on your jammed sliding glass door). As bad as these deals were, the majority of us missed out on a truly great sale.

Yesterday, the new LG G4 was on sale on Amazon for $0.01 (no contract). Now, clearly someone screwed up, again.  If you remember, last month the same thing happened on Amazon with Sprints metallic version of the LG G4 with contract for $0.01 as well.

A few Redditors had a sharp eye and caught yesterdays blunder and ordered a bunch of these. Though, some of them weren’t quick enough and Amazon stopped the item from being shipped. However, at least one lucky person, Reddit user ‘the-end'(you can see a picture of his confirmation below), had their $0.01 LG G4 shipped to them successfully. Typically, this phone sells for $599 without a contract, that’s a savings of $598.99! If you missed it, don’t feel bad, you were probably sleeping like the rest of us. It was one of the first items to go on sale at the stroke of midnight and by 10am on the 15th, Amazon had already caught the mishap and began canceling orders.

Between the LG G4 being on sale for 1 cent and the 55 gallons of lube, this is when I say to Amazon “you’re drunk, go home”.

Imagine Credit: Reddit user 'the-end'

Imagine Credit: Reddit user ‘the-end’